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Meet Tyrel, one of our surf therapy coaches

Tyrel Butler is one of our surf therapy coaches at Waves for Hope. He grew up and still lives in the community of Balandra, where our surf therapy program is based.

"Surfing is everything to me! It keeps me calm. It's my stress reliever and it's fun."

Tyrel knows first-hand about the often difficult circumstances growing up in communities like Balandra. Surfing helped him to stay focused and not get distracted by other, bad opportunities.

"I'm a surf therapy coach because I would like to see a change in the kids! I love seeing them happy, it makes me happy when they are happy!"

Tyrel has become a role model in Balandra and after learning about the concept of surf therapy, decided that he wants to give back to his community and the young people.

"Surf therapy helps the kids in my community by making them feel free, it helps them get along better with others, teaches them respect and it helps build their self-confidence."

Thinking about the impact of surf therapy, Tyrel wants to see our program grow across the whole island.

"My vision for the future of surf therapy in Trinidad is to have surf therapy programs in all the villages so we can make our country a much better place."


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