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Food drive for families in need

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has implemented a state of emergency with lockdown and curfew as an attempt to get the rising Covid-19 numbers on our twin-islands under control. Only essential workers are allowed to report to work, leaving a lot of families without an income. These measures will most likely stay in place until August or for as long as the Covid-19 numbers are at a critical level.

These already challenging times just got a lot more challenging for many people in our under-served communities on the north-east coast of Trinidad. A lot of families live paycheck to paycheck, depending on every little income they could make. Not being allowed to work and not falling under any governmental assistance programs, these families are suffering every day, not knowing when they will be able to put a next meal on the table.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we've been constantly supporting families in our communities with food and clothes drives and a school support program. Over the last few weeks, we were able to donate food hampers to more than 100 families. Doing so, we have identified families that are critical and have absolutely no support system to fall back to. It is in this light that we are launching this campaign so that we could support these families in a sustainable and continuous way.

Sustainable support for 30 families! We want to support 30 families, until they could start back working and support themselves again. We plan to distribute food hampers bi-weekly to those 30 families. A food hamper is valued at USD 45 and includes non-perishable food items (flour, beans, rice, sugar, milk, spices, etc.) and toiletries (toilet paper, toothpaste, soap etc.).

Would you like to support our food drive? Donate here

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