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Chris Dennis wins Athletes in Excellence Award 2019

The Athletes in Excellence Award from The Foundation for Global Sports Development recognizes exceptional athletes who uphold the values of good sportsmanship and fair play both on and off the field.

The Foundation for Global Sports Development believes in the importance of honoring athletes who use their achievements in sport as a catalyst to inspire positive change. The athletes in excellence are acknowledged for their outstanding efforts in community outreach, humanitarianism and youth mentorship.

We are honored and happy that our co-founder Chris Dennis is one of ten athletes to win the Athletes in Excellence Award 2019.


Our goal with surf therapy is to help kids and youths in Trinidad develop skills to cope with stress and trauma, and help them develop positive self identities. Our surf therapy programs provide young people with the opportunity to practice new behaviours and coping skills that can improve the way they deal with the impact of stress.

We know we cannot change the situation that the children live in, but we can give

them the tools to cope more effectively with the challenges they face every day.

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