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Waves for Hope head mentor joins Beyond Sport Youth Advisory Board

The Beyond Sport Youth Advisory Board, consisting of 8 outstanding youths from across the globe, interacts directly with Beyond Sport leadership to provide input on existing programs and campaigns, identify areas for personal growth, change and improvement and help shape how we drive sustainable social change through sport.

"We’re delighted to launch our first ever Youth Advisory Board. When youth lead, we can build a more sustainable world, informed and shaped by the most active young generation we’ve ever had," said Fred Turner, Executive Director of Beyond Sport. "Giving this group of incredible young leaders a platform to amplify their voices and learn from others while helping Beyond Sport be more intentional in our work is an exciting prospect. We can’t wait to get started."

Waves for Hope head mentor Tyrel Butler was selected to the board. Hailing from Balandra, 22-year-old Business Management student, Tyrel, found his inspiration in the water. As a young boy, he met Waves for Hope co-founder, Chris Dennis, who would take him and other kids surfing and support them when needed. Now, as mentor for the organization, he is empowering young people in his community and supporting their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

With most crimes, drug use and abuse in Trinidad committed by youths aged 15 – 21, and knowing that these same youth will become the leaders of his country, Tyrel was motivated to try and make them better people - with a goal of creating a better future for all and being a positive role model for his younger siblings. “We use surfing to attract at-risk kids and youths to our program, which then not only teaches surfing but also introduces therapeutic activities such as meditation and breathing techniques. I want to introduce positive role models to the communities and educate the kids and youths about positive behaviors, especially when it comes to coping with stress and difficult situations. The time spent doing sports is also time not spent on the block and around negative role models.”

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