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Meet Kwesi, skateboarder and surf therapy coach

Kwesi has been part of Waves for Hope for the last year and he has seen a positive change in the surf therapy participants and in their community: better grades at school, improved attitudes towards not meeting personal goals just to mention a few.

"Surfing can be psychologically therapeutic, used to keep the body physically fit or used as a metaphorical paint brush for artistic expression. Surfing brought enlightenment in the form of ocean and general environmental awareness, and why we need to preserve this blue sphere."

"As a developing nation we have seen a rise in crime and corruption, things usually associated with changes in the socioeconomic landscape. As a society we have seen a decline in morals and values. In my humble opinion, maybe molded from my own personal experience with skateboarding, the hobby served as a coping tool through many trying times in life. I was able to stay sane and remain focused to accomplish many tasks and succeed."

"I believe mental health and wellbeing are a pertinent survival skill, especially in situations where all of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are not being fulfilled in many homes. Not having stability at home can be very demoralizing as a human being and the ramifications of mental instability can be toxic not only to the individual but also within the community that they thrive."

Kwesi is a skater at heart and surfing initially provided respite when skateboarding became


"I am not a very good surfer but I do want to impact these young lives in a positive way and hopefully implement change within the community."

"I would like Waves for Hope to have surf therapy programs in many other communities, also encompassing other disciplines outside of surfing."

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