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Breaking Boundaries - A surfboard drive for Trinidad & Tobago

At the end of 2018, the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation and Vans organized a surfboard drive for Trinidad & Tobago.

More than 200 surfboards were donated to us! And that was the beginning of Waves for Hope!

Breaking Boundaries | Surfboard Drive | Waves for Hope

We are beyond grateful! And very excited to see the movie premiering on the North Shore, Hawaii, on Friday, November 1st 2019.

Enjoy the Sneak Peak :


Our goal with surf therapy is to help kids and youths in Trinidad develop skills to cope with stress and trauma, and help them develop positive self identities. Our surf therapy programs provide young people with the opportunity to practice new behaviours and coping skills that can improve the way they deal with the impact of stress.

We know we cannot change the situation that the children live in, but we can give

them the tools to cope more effectively with the challenges they face every day.


Support us on our journey to help at-risk kids and youths to cope with stress and give them hope and stability! Make a donation, big or small to help us make a change in the life of these kids!

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